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The Palestinian people betrayed
Author's Name: Saree Makdisi
Keywords: Palestine, Israel, Palestinian Authority
Description: A massive archive of documents leaked to Al Jazeera and Britain's Guardian newspaper offers irrefutable proof that years of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians have been an empty sham. The papers make clear that the time has come for Palestinians and anyone interested in the cause of justice to abandon the charade of official diplomacy and pursue other, more creative and nonviolent paths toward the realization of a genuine, just peace. The leaked documents, assuming they are genuine — and both Al Jazeera and the Guardian say they have authenticated them — are behind-the-scenes notes from a decade of negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel. On issue after issue, they show Palestinian negotiators eager to concede ground, offering to give up much of Jerusalem, to accept Israel's illegal settlements in the West Bank, to collaborate with Israeli occupation forces in suppressing dissent in the occupied territories — including killing fellow Palestinians — and even to forgo the right of return for most Palestinians driven from their homes by Israel in 1948.
Link (URL): http://articles.latimes.com/2011/feb/13/opinion/la-oe-makdisi-israelis-palestinians-20110127

The One State versus Two State Solution
Author's Name: Marian Kromkowski
Keywords: ODS, Palestine, Israel, The Palestine Question, Zionism, Apartheid,Conflict Resolution
Description: The Two-State Solution is not just. It is no solution to the turmoil in historic Palestine because at its core it is it does not undo any wrongs. It is unjust because it is premised on the continued acceptance of the Zionist claim to at least three quarters, if not all, of Palestine as being the exclusive land of the Jews. It is fundamentally flawed as it denies Palestinians the Right of Return; it abandons the Palestinians living within Israel; it does not provide Palestinians any semblance of an independent sovereign state and it allows the US to maintain its role as the main imperialist occupier of the entire Middle East.
Link (URL): http://www.onepalestine.org/resources/articles/One_State-Two_State.pdf

Israel and Palestine: A true one-state solution
Author's Name: George Bisharat
Keywords: ODS, One State, Palestine, Israel, The Palestine Question, Zionism, Apartheid,Conflict Resolution
Description: "Where is the Palestinian Mandela?" pundits occasionally ask. But after these latest Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in Washington fail -- as they inevitably will -- the more pressing question may be: "Where is the Israeli de Klerk?" Will an Israeli leader emerge with the former South African president's moral courage and foresight to dismantle a discriminatory regime and foster democracy based on equal rights?
Link (URL): http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/09/02/AR2010090204665.html

Palestine/Israel: A Single State, with Liberty and Justice for All, Regardless of Religion
Author's Name: Susan Abulhawa with Ramzy Baroud
Keywords: ODS, One State, Israel, Palestine
Description: Prior to the establishment of Israel, Palestine had been a multi-religious and multi-cultural country. Christians, Muslims and Jews, Armenians, Greek Orthodox, to name a few, all had a place there; and all lived in relative harmony. Other nations fought wars and waged epic struggles to attain the kind of coexistence that was already a reality in Palestine.
Link (URL): http://dissidentvoice.org/2009/12/palestineisrael-a-single-state-with-liberty-and-justice-for-all-regardless-of-religion/

Israel: The Alternative
Author's Name: Judt, Tony
Keywords: ODS, Palestine, Israel, The Palestine Question, Zionism, Apartheid,Conflict Resolution
Description: “The problem with Israel, in short, is not—as is sometimes suggested—that it is a European ‘enclave’ in the Arab world; but rather that it arrived too late. It has imported a characteristically late-nineteenth-century separatist project into a world that has moved on, a world of individual rights, open frontiers, and international law. The very idea of a ‘Jewish state’—a state in which Jews and the Jewish religion have exclusive privileges from which non-Jewish citizens are forever excluded—is rooted in another time and place. Israel, in short, is an anachronism.”
Link (URL): http://www.nybooks.com/articles/archives/2003/oct/23/israel-the-alternative/

The Oslo Virus and the Struggle for Bantustans
Author's Name: Eid Haider
Keywords: ODS, Palestine, Israel, The Palestine Question, Zionism, Conflict Resolution
Description: In 'The Music of the Violin,' a short story by South African writer Njabulo Ndebele, one of the characters comments on the 'concessions' made by the apartheid regime to the indigenous people: "That's how it is planned. That we be given a little of everything, and so prize the little we have that we forget about freedom." This is what the endless "peace process" looks like seen from Gaza, where we live under a four-year-old Israeli siege. We pass the time struggling to survive, wondering if this is the day an air strike will take away our life, our loved ones or our home.
Link (URL): http://www.uruknet.info/?p=71684

Israeli tactics will re-unify Palestinians in one state
Author's Name: Jonathan Cook
Keywords: ODS, Palestine, Israel, The Palestine Question, Zionism, Conflict Resolution
Description: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, is in the United States this week, but few observers expect an immediate or significant breakthrough in the stalled peace talks with the Palestinian leadership. In public, Mr Netanyahu maintains he is committed to the pledge he made last year, shortly after he formed his right-wing government, to work towards the creation of a demilitarised Palestinian state. But so far he has proved either unwilling or unable to renew even a partial freeze on Jewish settlement building in the West Bank - a key condition set by Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, for reviving the negotiations.
Link (URL): http://www.thenational.ae/news/worldwide/middle-east/israeli-tactics-are-uniting-palestinians?pageCount=0

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